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Now you can speed up your internet connection up to 5 times faster for FREE!  No matter what modem you are using right now (14.4K,28.8K,56K,ISDN,Cable etc.), SkyLam Intelli-Dial-UP will still speed up your internet connection!  That is, for FREE!

With SkyLam Intelli-Dial-UP, you will get a connection booster wizard that will guides you through on how to speed up your modem. In addition with the wizard, you will also get an advanced setting editor.  It will allow you to set each TCP-IP setting in the registry to tweak your connection speed 

Intelli-Dial-UP has always been the best-rated and most popular Internet Booster of all times.  Beating other boosters like NetSonic and Internet BOOST99.  Why?  Because Intelli-Dial-UP offers the same functionality of other Internet Boosters, but at the price of FREE!

Why spend around $50 on other products that perform the same thing as one that is FREE and the most popular one?  Download Intell-Dial-UP today!

This is the FREE way and the easiest way to speed up your Internet Connection!

  • Speed up your Internet Connection up to 5 times faster!
  • Comes with an optimization wizard to guide you through the software
  • Comes with an advanced settings editor for experienced users
  • Supports modems of all brands
  • Supports modems of all speeds
  • Supports all ISP
  • Best of all, it is FREE!
    New! Registered version with technical support available for only $15.00